External SEO: How to Achieve Goals in Local and Global Markets?

It’s no secret that SEO is one of the most important factors determining sites visibility in Google search results. Systematic backlinks creation guarantees stable search ranking, high traffic and increased sales volume. That is especially important for entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is common knowledge that investing in SEO pays off handsomely. Achieving TOP positions in the global market guarantees high traffic, increased customer flow and steadily growing turnover. So what are the most important aspects of external Search Engine Optimization?

What does everyone need to know?

External SEO is the creation of backlinks. Links can be created in a variety of ways, usually it is up to the SEO specialist to determine the best and most effective backlinking strategy as backlinks sources can be very different. At the moment the most popular sources for backlinks creation are:

  • SEO Articles
  • News sites (Delfi, 15min, Etaplius.lt, etc.),
  • Specialized blogs,
  • Forums,
  • Social networks,
  • WEB 2.0 sites,
  • Various sites where you can create a profile and place a link. Of course, many of those links will have a “nofollow” attribute. Still a good search will reveal useful web portals,
  • and other sources.

Robertas Šimkus, Head of the SEO Department at Bilger.lt, claims that the strategy of external SEO depends on specific markets where it is implemented. For instance, a targeted market can be local, national, the US market or even global. The latter includes the United States, Australia, England, and all other countries where users query Google in English.

Which SEO strategy to choose?

Robertas Šimkus emphasizes that the most important thing when choosing a SEO strategy is to decide what kind of audience you want to reach. In some cases, the webshop is aimed particularly at an English-speaking audience. In other cases, the website owners want to be found in all European Union countries according to local language queries. Therefore, each case will require a different SEO optimization strategy.

Optimization experts recommend creating websites in the local language for different countries. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy local domains and even create separate websites for various national markets.

One of the most common mistakes is when a site-owner simply inserts a language switch on his or her site and expects that this will let the site achieve TOP ranking in different countries and languages. Mr Šimkus advises to be specific and particular. One keyword per page. One website for one language. Consumers trust websites with local domains. This strategy is employed by such international companies as AboutYou, Autodoc, Ikramogatec and others. These companies work all over Europe and their webshops are parked on european national domains.

Important to remember:

  • Website optimization for Lithuanian market will require fewer backlinks than the US, UK or German sites would require. This is due to a much smaller size of Lithuanian market.
  • On the other hand, website optimization for the global marketplace will require many more backlinks.
  • While creating links, many factors need to be considered: a donor site’s traffic, ranking, whether a site is well indexed by search engines, and how many outbound links it has.

More means less

Spending a lot of money on SEO without any valuable effects? Maybe you’re making a new-comer mistake? According to Mr. Šimkus, it’s a very common mistake for clients to buy an expensive article on a news portal with backlinks to their site. However, nothing changes and after a while people start to wonder why their projects’ search rankings haven’t improved. It turns out that although news sites usually have good rankings and big traffic, they also have a lot of outbound links. The whole SEO value of a website is shared among all those links. And as a result of that, a linked site gets only a fraction of this SEO value because it is shared with all other sites linked.

Google Searchare serves 3.5 billion queries every day. So, if the SEO strategy is not appropriate, a website has a little chance of becoming visible among a multitude of search results. In that case, the website’s traffic decreases, fewer users are attracted, and, consequently, profits decrease too.

Experts advise to buy links on a regional portal that is not overcrowded with SEO links, then you will spend less money and have less competition. When working with the global market, sites have to compete with the internet giants. As a result, the best results are achieved by having the best SEO optimization strategy.

A smart investment?

SEO is an investment that pays off in the long run. In a year or two, after achieving the top positions in the global market, an optimized website will generate huge traffic, attract many buyers and steadily increase its turnover.

Robertas Šimkus, Head of the Bilger.lt SEO Department, emphasizes that SEO is not about advertising on Google or Facebook. After achieving the top positions in search results, a lot will depend on the actions of your competitors. However, your site will not require daily monitoring and maintenance. And competitors are not that active in all markets. Meanwhile, working with advertising tools will require constant investment. After all, ads are broadcast only as long as they are paid for.

At the same time, it is best to take advantage of all the advertising tools. However, as it is crucial that the site’s optimization is done by professionals, it is also important that Google Ads campaigns are run by the experts too. When everything is done by professionals, the best results are achieved.