Advice of SEO specialist, how to successfully invest in the Google?

Online advertising is one of the most effective, but when it comes to a choice between SEO optimization and Google Ads, most of us feel lack of knowledge – and sometimes even the basics, allowing an objective comparison of these tools of giants who conquered world of web advertisement.

Many businessmen don’t even know that SEO optimization is at least 10 times less expensive way of advertising than Google Ads, the only thing is that expensive Google Ads act immediately, while you have  to invest in SEO a longer period of time – only after some time website becomes more visible and more often visited. What else is important to know about online advertising and what mistakes to avoid?

SEO Optimization and Google Ads: How are these online advertising tools different?

SEO optimization is a slow but long-lasting process

You should not expect quick results from SEO. According to Bilger’s SEO specialist Robertas Šimkus, their company plans all projects both in Lithuania and abroad (Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, USA) for at least 12 months period: In just one year, you can reach the top positions in Google search, even with a brand new site. It is also worth mentioning that the competition in the international market is several times higher than in Lithuania.

SEO is a long-term investment in a website. SEO is a long-term investment in a website. According to an SEO expert, the whole optimization process can be compared to the renovation of an apartment or house: after a high-quality repair of the house, the price of the property rises, the investment pays off. Likewise, SEO enhances a website or e-shop value. Naturally, the question arises, why order SEO services if the feedback will have to wait so long? The main answer is price:

Google Ads brings in traffic, but each click costs at least 10 times more than a customer who comes after proper SEO optimization. Another important argument is that some Google search users ignore Ads proposals and choose organic search offers. 

If the company currently does not have the funds to Google or Facebook advertising, but a year ago invested to SEO, the site will generate traffic and sales.

Google Ads is an advertising tool that attracts visitors here and now

Probably the biggest advantage is that Google Ads, like Facebook Ads, can bring visitors instantly. You can create and run an effective Google Ads campaign in just a few hours.

R. Šimkus presents an example from clients:

“Almost all of our customers have tried Google Ads, but as they say, this method of advertising is expensive, and not all visitors come to buy. Meanwhile, after a successful SEO optimization, the visitor is more likely to order goods or services. ”

Which online advertising solution to choose just after creating a website?

In the first year, both Google Ads and SEO can be used if your budget allows.

After starting completely new e-shop, R. Šimkus advices primarily to try Google Ads :

“This will allow to check if you have targeted customers on Google Search, and find out by which keywords they’re visiting your e-shop. If you get a lot of calls, succeed in sales and gradually generate profits, it’s worth thinking about a long-term investment and choosing SEO services. “

As a first step, it’s a good idea to monitor your site traffic regularly through Google Analytics. Then, as organic traffic increases, Google Ads can be turned off.

Is it always worth investing a lot in SEO optimization?

According to R. Šimkus, investing large sums in SEO is not always smart. For example, if the project is small, the keywords are not very competitive, you can simply choose SEO training (for example, at Bilger, the price for it is 450 Eur). During training, you will learn the essence, how to do SEO optimization yourself. Clearly, SEO is not rocket science: everything can be done by yourself.

However, if the customers value their time, have extra money, then clearly it is better to hire a professional SEO expert or SEO agency.

Having a large e-shop or aiming to generate high traffic, specialist experience is required. We can see a big difference when the project is optimized by one person and when a team of experts with international experience works on the project.

Not only online advertising is important, but also marketing and sales planning

R. Šimkus is convinced, that SEO or Google Ads will only significant benefit after perfection of the sales process :

“These tools will help bring customers to your “door”, but whether or not they will buy, depends on many other factors, such as site design and marketing strategies, etc. If the web design is made professionally, if the results are grown with help of an experienced sales manager, then it will not be difficult to achieve a great overall result.”

Customers who receive a lot of visitors from the Google search, we recommend that you analyze the entire sales process. If there are gaps, they need to be filled. SEO or Google Ads Specialist increase awareness, but you will need responsible marketing, sales employee, or even a few specialists.

If you are optimizing your e-shop, it is important to ensure a smooth path for the customer to action from placing the item in the cart to final payment.

If we are selling over the phone, the manager needs to know their job and enthusiastically serve potential customers.

What mistakes should be avoided when creating websites and performing SEO optimization?

R. Šimkus mentions typical customer mistakes :

  1. Invalid meta descriptions. Meta description – text, you see on Google search. If it is written without regard to requirements, then the CTR ( ad clickthrough rate ) will be low and you will get few visitors even if your site is in the TOP positions. Meta descriptions – work as a promotional poster, the text must grab the user s attention.
  2. Websites or e-shops are poorly adapted for mobile devices. Now every Internet user have a smartphone, so it is first and foremost necessary thing – to adapt the website to mobile devices in order for them to have all the features of the website.
  3. Lack of backlinks. According to R. Šimkus, not only beginners, but also SEO service providers forget to go the extra mile in order to achieve good results – create more quality backlinks than your competitors. This is what would allow them to reach TOP positions :

“”It is not uncommon to hear that something has not worked because Google is slow, competitors are too strong, and so on. These are just excuses, not a solution to the problem. I can’t say there are no infallibles, but we are motivated to achieve a result, look for solutions and give customers what they want and expect. We can be proud that the partnership between our agency and clients is long-term, lasting at least a few years. Thus, only the dedication of specialists to work creates a long-term relationship. ”

R. Šimkus advises those considering SEO services to first consult with as many agencies and SEO specialists as possible. Ask them questions, ask them to explain everything down to the smallest detail: only then will you understand which of the experts have more experience and which are worth working with.

Robertas Šimkus is a certified SEO expert who has been building his career at for 6 years. The specialist works with international projects in the European and US markets and is also a certified LiMA member.